Running with Sore Feet

Welcome to the ImproperAthlete.  This blog is meant to be a clearinghouse of my mostly bad ideas along with the unexpected occasional good one and their inevitable irreversible consequences.  This blog is a place where I feel to freely express my point of view along with my training plan and endlessly analyze my thoroughly mediocre race results.  This blog is more Occupy than Tea Party, more progressive than conservative and more bicycle and Hummer.

Why the ImproperAthlete?  Because life is a little bit more enjoyable and exciting when things are a little off-beat, unconventional and unexpected.  If you’re interested in simple living, running and cycling and minimalism you’re in the right spot.

So it begins.  Saturday featured a hike to New Hampshire’s Mt. Tripyramid.  Sarah was gracious enough to accompany me on this hike.  There are three peaks on the ridgeline bearing the name Tripyramid – North, Middle and South.  Both North and Middle Tripyramid meet the criteria to be listed as a 4,000 footer by the AMC.  The hike totaled about 10.5 miles and took us about five hours.  The hallmark of the hike is an ascent of a landslide on the north side of Mt. Tripyramid.  The slide featured lots of rock scrambling, hand over hand climbing and great views.  Although it was actually snowing at one point, there was only a bit of slippery footing.  The guidebooks say not to do this when the weather is wet or icy for good reason, its steep, exposed and could get very slick with heavy rain, ice or snow.  The north was socked in with clouds when we got up there, middle had a great view and the South peak had the best view.  From our reckoning, Chocurua was visible to the east and Winnepesaukie or Squam Lake was visible to the south.  To the west Tecumseh, identified by the Waterville Valley ski area and what I think are the Osceolas.  While I have come a long way in being able to identify the mountains by sight I still have a long way to go.  A very long way.

On the way home was a stop at a pub in Plymouth.  Part of being The Improper Athlete is spending a lot of time in pubs, taverns, and saloons.  Hamburger, fries and Tuckerman Ravine Pale Ale set the stage for the trip home to RI.  Just under three hours.

Today I woke up early for Sunday and did absolutely nothing productive for a couple of hours. Nothing.

What does nothing look like?  Surf the internet, look at Facebook, read the news, look at Facebook again.  Search cupboards for food, sit down disappointed, internet, go back to cupboard, become even more disappointed.  Repeat cycle.  Start to feel like a bum.  Something had to give.  It became decision time about 10:30.  Get off couch.  Eat or run.

I can stand about three hours of doing nothing.  I had to make a decision.  Eat or run.

The run won out.  As usual, I went out without an exact plan in place.  I don’t like rigid training plans.  They run counter to my training ethic.  I have gotten overtrained and burned out in the past from mindlessly doing an arbitrary weekly set of miles when I was cycling.  I knew I wanted to get ten miles in.  I did not know how I would feel after the hike.  My lower legs are sore, especially my Tibialis in front of my shin but I felt decent on the run.  Since being sick I this week my legs have had a dead feeling I’ve never felt before.  Ended up doing the ten in 76.  Today I had the feeling as if I’m on autopilot and just coasting along.  Just smooth and fun today.

This AM I only had a Chobani yogurt for breakfast.  About 100 calories.  Last night I did not eat properly either.  I was wary of bonking during this run but luckily I made it just before I did.  When I’ve bonked in the past, and since I’m not exceptional at taking care of myself this is something that has happened often I get this wave of energy before simply falling apart within a few minutes.  I felt at the end of this I was going to bonk though…very close to.  To celebrate finishing the run, I went grocery shopping.  Will write about grocery shopping on an empty stomach later on, when I write about financial irresponsibility, the lack of civic engagement, and the trappings of young adulthood.

ImproperAthlete blog post #1 complete.


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