Sometimes I think of the most random things.  For some reason I relish the fact that our days are named after old Norse/Germanic Gods. I’m eternally satisfied that our days are named after Saturn, the Moon, the Gods Frigg and Woden rather than a saint who most likely came from whichever ethnic group had the good fortune to be in charge at the time in early Christian Europe. To say my religious beliefs are agnostic is an understatement at best.  Tonight is the night of the Halloween parties – Halloween, another set of rituals the Catholic church tried hard, very hard to wipe from the face of the planet.
Very sore from doing a series of lunges and a post run routine written up in Running Times. Pain in mostly in the hamstring and glute areas. I will address this tonight by running a few miles, changing up and then riding over to my brothers house on Chalkstone for party #1. I’m rolling the Ross single speed over there running a 40 x 17. Not the fastest gear but I can ride up any hill in the city save for the Jenckes St. area. Most of this ride will be sidewalks and side streets though. Probably four miles each way and yes, it takes just as much time to drive over there as it does to ride.
Maybe I’ll stop for dinner downtown before going over? Now there’s an idea.
Yesterday I did four miles easy in the rain before walking in the pouring rain to Iron Wok to get some dinner. Double cooked pork Chinese style and scallion pancakes.
I ate all of it.  At once.

Run tonight will be of the middle distance variety. Easy.


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