Night has a haunting stillness this time of year.  Darkness and cold have set in as the holiday season truly is ushered in.  Christmas is here.

Today began with the last day of classes prior to the winter break.  We ended 2011 at work with gifts bestowed, best wishes spoken and sincere cards exchanged amongst colleagues and friends.  After work was complete, Ben Piecuch and I decided to take a ride up to Wachusset to go skiing.  Despite the snow drought we have experienced lately, the mountain had three viable runs open.  One run, Conifer Connection featured the usual New England skied up trail featuring quasi-ice, mini-bumps and aimless individuals randomly making their way down the slope.  One run was recently groomed and presented us with the most pleasant corduroy imaginable.  Overall the skiing was great and re-ignited a passion for winter sports that has been left vacant this year.

We left the mountain a bit early.  We planned to stop at a bar/restaurant we saw on the way to the mountain but decided that it might be better to head back to Providence.  Fellini’s Pizza was on the menu, followed by a visit to the Wild Colonial Tavern.  The Wild Colonial was more crowded that I have seen it in a while.  Much like the day before Thanksgiving, it appeared that many folks were having a sort of homecoming reunion.  After a short while we sat at a table.  Unbeknownst to me, I ordered a beer that may have been a bit more potent than expected.  After another it was time to call it a night.

A decision had to be made.  Flight leaves early tomorrow requiring waking at 4:00AM.  Stay up or sleep?  It was one or the other.  Seemingly unconsciously, I put on a pot of coffee – the good coffee from Trader Joes.  French press. Strong.  Very Strong.

Pangs of guilt affected every part of my being.  Two hours of idleness create a hunger in my soul for action.  Thursday was a scheduled rest day.  Marathon training is in full swing now.  What kind of runner misses his or her scheduled workouts?  The shame of missing a workout is unbearable.  My internal critic snaps to full attention now, reminding me of past transgressions and how one prepare for such events.  So I got ready, put on the running shoes and headed out the door.  Only four miles, but a good four miles.  The question remains, count them on Friday or Saturday?  And here we are…ready to head to the airport.  Happy Holidays.



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