The Medawisla Trip


This weekend featured a great trip to the AMC Medawisla lodge somewhere in Maine. To be specific, we were north of Greenville by about forty minutes or so. In the no cell phone reception great north woods.  Just a few thoughts and reflections to share as we race home to watch Superbowl 46 .
Our adventure started out in Portland, Maine with a stop at the Novare Res Tavern. Maybe its a tavern, maybe a bar, or maybe it is something else.  It was good.  What it does have is the proper unpretentious atmosphere, stools, benches and great beer. In summary, this place is fantastic. Good beers and great company to start our long weekend. On this trip was Nate Broomfield, Rita Rossi, Ben Piecuch, Mike Radz and Sarah Chapin. A special thanks to Sarah for setting this whole thing up – what a weekend!
After getting a “pint” at the tavern we made our way back to La Quinta for the night. Then up early next day for breakfast at the Porthole on the Portland waterfront. Portland seems to be a great town and I look forward to visiting it more in the future. It is a destination of a bike tour this summer I want to do.  More on that one later.

Medawisla is about four hours north of Portland. We arrived at the trailhead about 2:30 and dropped our gear off at the shed so we wouldn’t have to carry it in ourselves. Needless to say, we had a lot of gear.  The staff at the hut was going to take it into the camp by snowmobile.  Thankfully the days ate getting longer so we had until about 5 PM or so of good daylight. Mike and I cross country skied the 6.5 miles into the camp while Sarah, Rita, Ben and Nate snowshoed the trail. We all made great time and were all checked in well before dinner at 6.
Meals. We received three meals per day. Everything is cooked there by their staff. From scratch. Homemade bread and bagels. Cookies and brownies. Desserts. Handmade lasagna noodles. And more, all from scratch.
We had some of the best meals I have had in a long time. For someone who loves both to eat and the outdoors this is the place to go. Breakfast and dinner is served in the lodge while lunches are bagged and given to us to eat at our own discretion.
Despite the temperatures I honestly never really got cold. We had the woodstove cranking in our cabin, so much so that the first night the place resembled a sauna more than a wilderness cabin.

An impression that I’m left with is how little we really need in order to have a pleasant quality of life. I really felt utterly content during the past few days.
Ben and I wen on a 15km or so cross country ski the next day. Conditions were great, the run wasn’t tracked but groomed. It was a touch cold but it was fine as long as we kept moving. Our objective was to get a glimpse of Kathadin, but it was just cloudy enough to obscure the view. Another thing I would like to mention, this trip reignited a passion for backcountry and cross country skiing. When I lived in Vermont I was simply addicted to skiing and most drawn to the off piste and backcountry types of runs. It felt so good to be on skis again, working hard and having fun. More backcountry trips are forecast – stay tuned.
At night we had another great meal, and a trivial pursuit match followed by Ruckus and a game of Ugly Dolls. Both of which are harder than you might expect.
After waking this morning, and gorging on the killer breakfast it was time to pack and ski out. It was cold but not windy. Just right. The snow felt good, and despite being sore from yesterday, the ski out felt better than expected. All was uneventful until about two miles or so in when Ben turned around and noticed Kathadin looming in the background. Kathadin had been avoiding us for days. It showed up on the way in, but it was a brief and fleeting tease. Now it appeared to us in all it’s grandeur. We stopped and took photos. I tried to get a better view of it from the flanks of the mountain we were skiing around but it was unproductive. It did make for some neat little downhill shots though.
As we finished we noticed a little bowl behind the trail.
We wondered what could be found there?
Upon closer inspection it was a little bit of a hill hiding a secret powder stash. Jump turns are the best way to end any weekend.


3 thoughts on “The Medawisla Trip

  1. Dude! I can’t believe we missed that trip! I nixed it because I thought it would require TWO nights at the AMC cabin (out of our current budget). If I had known the first night was going to be at a La Quinta we could’ve done it!!!! Oh well… water under the bridge…..let’s plan a Katahdin trip for this summer!

  2. Looks like you had some great views of Little Spencer and Big Spencer Mountains. Did the one on the right have a tower on it? That whole area is gorgeous – so remote and so much fun to explore!

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