Stats and Summary

I have some time here so I’m going to write a bit about my own stats and summarize what I’ve found over the past few years.  First off, getting married and having my son has really changed my priorities which have impacted my training.  This isn’t a bad thing but part of the normal progression of life.

Cycling, which was once vitally important to me has taken a backseat to fitness running.  No more bike races every weekend which I did for several years between the years of 2002 and 2009.  Same with the running races.  I’ve taken some time off and will continue to do so until the end of 2017.  Then it might be game on again…  Then again I’ll be 40 years old and in a whole new age bracket.

Running – this year I’ve got 928 miles so far.  This averages to 18 miles per week and this feels about right.  Its kept my weight stable at about 180 or so.

Last year I had 1290 but we also had Jake in April so that was 4 months sans baby.

The year before that was about 800 miles.  I did a bike race in 2014 also.  2014 was also the year I got married which made training for running a bit more hectic.  I sort of ran that year just for fun and did a lot of hiking and biking also.

I feel good about this although for a few years I did 50 to 75% more miles than this.  I also know from my results I need to run at least 25 per week for six weeks to go under 19 in the 5k and 45+ per week to go under 18.  And I know I can’t do this forever.  There always seems to be something that gets in the way.  I must be a weak willed individual in this way but I’m not letting this stuff take over my life.  In this way I think training for any distance running event is similar because you have to put the miles in to get fast.   The problem I have is getting hurt with stupid little soft tissue injuries that require me to take days off.  I’ve come to the conclusion that all soft tissue injuries have the same treatment – time off.  Don’t take time off and they don’t get better.  All I want is four days of good runs per week.



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