Tufts – Grafton Campus Ski

Yesterday it snowed about 8 powdery inches.  Finally, some cooler weather and some snow.  I dug out the XC skis that have been laid latent in the garage through almost all of last winter.  This morning when Jake went down for his nap I went over to the Tufts Grafton Campus field, across from the Vet School to get some XC skiing in.  Putting the skis on was glorious.  It felt odd to actually have them on after almost two years.   The temperature was in the low teens with a decent little 10 mph or so wind blowing some snow around.  My windproof (OK – resistant) single layer gloves weren’t cutting it on the long gradual descent that began this outing.  Today was more like ski touring than skiing itself as I followed a single skier’s tracks which went down towards the woods at first.  The problem with this is that (she?) kept her skis in a much more narrow position than me which left me in the position of pretty much breaking trail on one side.  I was actually happy to do this because its a lot of work and helped my hands warm up.  I nervously stopped a few times to check for circulation as they didn’t hurt so much as before – when I got frostbite on my ears they didn’t hurt anymore either but that time wasn’t because I warmed up!  Just a word to the wise.  I then went back and broke trail along the RT 30 side to create a loop.  Regardless, I got in about 3 and half slow miles in about 45 minutes.  While I like to think it was all skiing, some of this was more like fast snowshoeing but whatever – it was fun.  And it was kind of hard.  I’ve heard good things about the snowshoe racing circuit which might be the next thing to check out.


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