POSE Two Week Check In

I just began the third week of the POSE running program.  To do so, I’ve really cut back on running and have used my workout time doing some focussed drills instead.  I’ll have the chance to further cut down on more running because of the still accumulating large amount of snow falling today.  I’ve already shoveled three times and will probably need to a few more times before its over.  All the more opportunity to get out the XC skis or the telemark stuff a few more times – especially since its now light out until 7PM or so.

Each Pose workout begins with a mix of static and active stretching.  The whole goal of the Pose system is to develop a forefoot strike which is more efficient.  Despite my initial reluctance to do any pre-workout static stretching I have found that I have become more flexible as a result.  Ironically my greatest increase in flexibility has been in my upper body and this strangely correlates to more body awareness.  These workouts all build on each other and I’m at the seventh session.  The major drill for this session is linking together actual running until a mistake in the pattern in sensed.  I have had a little trouble translating the written drill into practice but when I see youtube videos of the drills I think I’m getting them pretty much right.  This drill and the previous focus of the last session, conceptualizing ground reaction force have got my head spinning.  Like perceiving the whole movement when I’m running, I am having trouble perceiving how ground reaction force and my achilles tendon are related.  I intellectually have a notion of how they fit together and lengthen and shorten against each other but it still requires a large amount of conscious thought.  My goal is to have this knowledge to be almost instinctive so that I can correct myself by perception and not from high level intellectualization.  This is easier said than done however and I believe why the program takes a month to complete.  This is why I’m going to take a break of a day from doing these to see if anything percolates to the surface.  Sometimes I get insights this way.

So far the program has featured a number of drills.  Here are a few of the ones I can recall from memory.

  • Wall fall drills –  from what is called the springless position and from the Pose position.  The Pose position is when you hold one leg up in a posture that resembles the number 4.
  • Journalling goals and the workout itself
  • Bodyweight perception drills from the springless position
  • Short hops forward keeping center of mass in in line
  • Running in place
  • Timber drill – falling from Pose position and catching yourself
  • Some strength exercises – reverse downward dog, downward dog and in/out of side plank coupled with ten base jumps, ten heel touch jumps, and ten side to side jumps.
  • Holding the Pose Position for three sets of 20 seconds each leg.
  • Running for a minute and then reflecting on the run for another minute.  This is done for ten minutes.

I’ve been running through the program and have been a little sore in some new places which tells me that I need to strengthen some of the little muscles that are involved with maintaining this new position.  I’m also quite a bit faster in this position, at least in the aerobic runs I’ve been doing.  I haven’t done anything “fast” yet but I’m looking forward to it.  I seriously don’t think Romanov really intends to have his athletes run in the new position right away and I’m starting to see value in taking time off.  Its not like I’m going to lose all of my fitness if I cut down for a month or so.  After doing the drills I naturally do the Pose position but I know I lose it over time and start leaning back.  Lets see what a day “off” does when I (hopefully) run tomorrow.  Does shoveling count as a workout?  I’m not sure but I already feel it in my lower back.  This stuff is heavy.  I guess I’ll have share my Burpee workout another day – I’m holding off until Thursday.  Burpees are tough but worth the effort.


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